Benjamin James

I just realized that since I moved over to my new website this past year, I haven't blogged a single birth yet!  I wanted to share some photos from the most recent birth I photographed.  This birth was incredibly special to me because this was the tenth birth I've photographed, and it also happened to be for the same amazing parents that invited me to photograph my very first birth over four years ago.  I’m so thankful to Monica + Sam for the opportunity to photograph their son, Benjamin James, and they were so gracious to let me share these photos with you.  

Birth photography is something I had never imagined myself doing, but I stumbled into it and it has quickly become one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  I have always loved taking candid photos much more than posed photos;  I love the life, movement, and authenticity in candid photos.  Birth photography is really the epitome of that -- no one is posing, no one is trying to look good for the camera, and, for the most part, no one even realizes I’m there because they are focusing on having a baby.  I love how much raw emotion all of these photos convey.  I love having the opportunity to really tell a story with these photos.  I love how much of a rush it is, that I’m grabbing my camera and running out the door to get there in time, and then working so quickly to be sure that I’m not missing any shots.  And, more than anything, I love that I am capturing moments that will only happen once.

I’m so touched and humbled that parents have allowed me to photograph these intimate moments for their families.  It is such a privilege to be present when a new life comes into the world.  

Golden Hour

On Thanksgiving Day, Jeremy + I drove by this beautiful field exactly during golden hour and we knew that we had to drive back there another day to take photos.  Last weekend, we asked our friends Justin + Torre if they wanted to take some photos at that field with us during golden hour and we ended up walking away with some pretty magical photos.  This reminded me that some of my favorite work happens when I decide to do a quick shoot "just for fun," so here's to making that happen more in 2017!

David + Aly

As soon as I pulled into The Providence Cotton Mill and looked around, I knew that David + Aly's wedding was going to be one of my favorites!  They picked this beautiful mill to get married in, and it was full of warm textures and made the perfect backdrop for their ceremony and reception.  They had so many beautiful details woven throughout their wedding and really created the perfect atmosphere.  David + Aly were such an amazing couple to photograph and I loved having the opportunity to document their day.  I also photographed this wedding with my friend, Jenelle Southwell, and you can check out more photos on her blog here

The Morrows

I'm so excited to share this set of photos of one of my favorite families!  I have had the privilege to spend a lot of time (and holidays!) with the Morrows over the years, so taking their family photos was a lot of fun for me.  Craig and Elizabeth take their daughters to this sunflower field each year when the sunflowers bloom.  When they told me that they wanted to use this location for their family photos, I was thrilled - especially because I feel like I've been rotating through the same set of locations and wanted to try a new place!  The sunflowers and the light were stunning.  We kept the majority of these photos very candid and natural, which is my favorite way to photograph families.