A recap of 2017

2017 was very busy for me and I didn't blog nearly as much as I would have liked to!  To make up for that, I decided to do a quick recap of some of my favorite images from 2017.  There's a little bit of everything in this post and I also want to take a moment to thank all of the amazing people who invited me to capture little glimpses of their lives this year. 

First up are my friends, Ryan + Jenelle.  I had been daydreaming about doing a greenhouse shoot, so when they asked me about getting some fresh new photos, this seemed like the perfect opportunity!  Jenelle also does some amazing portrait work and you can catch up with her on her site here

I visited Minneapolis for the first time to photograph a beautiful rainy backyard ceremony for Justin + Rachel.  Justin and my husband have been friends since their teenage years, so it was really fun for all of us to be able to catch up and to have an excuse to skip town for a weekend.  I love how intimate this wedding was and how Justin + Rachel took time to hug their family and wedding party as they made their way up to the alter.  They also had perfect quirky moments sprinkled throughout their day like playing rock paper scissors to decide whose vows would be first, having their dog be their ring bearer, and riding away from the reception on a tandem bicycle. 

I had a very sweet family approach me about doing a large shoot this summer while distant members of the family were in from out of town and they also wanted a short casual session of just their boys playing at a lake to get them acquainted with the idea first.  I always love getting candid photos of kids and giving them the opportunity to really be in their element and forget about the camera.  We sat them down for just a minute to grab a few photos of them looking at the camera and then let them play the rest of the time.  These photos ended up being a perfect portrait of boyhood and I just loved it. 

Another great opportunity I had was to photograph two births this year!  Births are always one of my favorite subjects to shoot and both of these moms were so gracious to let me share a handful of these photos here with you. 

Another new favorite kind of session for me to photograph has been children meeting their younger siblings for the first time!  It's so so sweet!

And while we're on the subject of babies, my sister-in-law had a beautiful baby boy this summer!  This was a huge highlight of the year for our family.  Here's some of my favorite images from her maternity session and their newborn session at their home. 

Another super fun bit of work I hadn't done in a while but got to do again this year [and which I always really enjoy!] was blog photography. I took some photos of Kate for The Chic Series; she's incredibly photogenic and I love seeing what kind of outfits she puts together. 
(Also, I loved it so much I totally bought the Madewell shirt in this first photo within two weeks of our shoot!)

My friend Shirah also launched a blog this year, and I was more than happy to do some lifestyle photography for her as well.  Getting to collaborate as friends was a highlight of my year! 

I took some very fresh newborn photos in the hospital for Becky + Dave when they had their first baby girl, Stella, in 2016.  I was thrilled to find out they were expecting again and I got to take some very similar hospital newborn photos of their brand new baby girl, Audrey. 

I also got to take photos of two of my favorite girls, Margot + Goldie!  I took photos of Margot meeting Goldie in the hospital, and then we did a sweet little at-home newborn session a couple weeks later.  The photo of the two of them in the crib is one of my all-time favorites!  I work with their mom, Heather, and have a running joke that Goldie is my new little intern at the office.  

And I capped my year off right by doing a fun engagement shoot for my friend Katelyn and her fiancé, TJ, at a beautiful Christmas tree farm!  

If you're reading this and you need some fresh photos in 2018, shoot me a message + let's make it happen!

Ryan + Jenelle

I'm so excited to share these photos of Ryan + Jenelle!  Jenelle and I have been friends for a long time, so I've not only had the honor of watching her grow as an artist (see her work here!), but also watching her meet, fall in love with and marry Ryan.  They'll be celebrating their fourth anniversary next month!  Because the first couple months of the year are pretty slow for Jenelle and me, we decided to make a quick trip on a Saturday morning to Campbell's Greenhouses & Nursery in Charlotte so that her and Ryan could get some new photos taken together.  We all really love plants, so we had to grab a few to take home before we left.  I love all of the color and texture in greenhouses, so it was fun to play with those elements a bit in these photos. 

Golden Hour

On Thanksgiving Day, Jeremy + I drove by this beautiful field exactly during golden hour and we knew that we had to drive back there another day to take photos.  Last weekend, we asked our friends Justin + Torre if they wanted to take some photos at that field with us during golden hour and we ended up walking away with some pretty magical photos.  This reminded me that some of my favorite work happens when I decide to do a quick shoot "just for fun," so here's to making that happen more in 2017!

The Morrows

I'm so excited to share this set of photos of one of my favorite families!  I have had the privilege to spend a lot of time (and holidays!) with the Morrows over the years, so taking their family photos was a lot of fun for me.  Craig and Elizabeth take their daughters to this sunflower field each year when the sunflowers bloom.  When they told me that they wanted to use this location for their family photos, I was thrilled - especially because I feel like I've been rotating through the same set of locations and wanted to try a new place!  The sunflowers and the light were stunning.  We kept the majority of these photos very candid and natural, which is my favorite way to photograph families.